Our Goals

To commercialize an FDA and EU approved CTC apheresis system

  • For diagnostic and research applications:  CTC collection in the common 10 mL format, concentrated from up to 250 mL of blood from patients with solid tumors.  It would contain a far greater quantity of viable CTCs for downstream analysis by other CTC platforms (e.g., enumeration, culturing and DNA sequencing), thereby improving their sensitivity and confidence level.  
  • For therapeutic applications: CTC removal from a cancer patient’s entire blood volume (5 L), as a therapy to impede the progression of metastasis, either as a standalone or adjuvant therapy.  


  • CTC market is the next big diagnostic opportunity
  • Viatar’s technology advantage: complements and improves the capabilities of all other diagnostic CTC platforms
    • by collecting a far greater quantity of viable cells
    • in the common 10 mL format used for processing and analysis by all diagnostic CTC platforms
  • Established intellectual property estate